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Norwood Police Take Shipment of New Fleet Vehicle: 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit

In April, the Norwood Police Department took shipment of two 2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit model cruisers. The Dodge Charger is the latest addition to our fleet in our efforts to replace the now discontinued Ford Crown Victoria. In 2006, the Charger was introduced to the policing community featuring numerous upgrades from the civilian model. Since its introduction, the Charger’s excellent performance has made it the vehicle of choice for numerous police agencies in the U.S.. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Charger a “top safety pick”.

The “blue lights” on the vehicle feature the latest in LED technology, allowing the brightest light possible. This feature is important to the safety of our officers as it grabs approaching motorist’s attention at a greater distance than past technology. The laptops inside the cruisers are also new, allowing for better positioning by individual officers. A major draw to the patrol vehicle includes its cost, functionality and its size. The Dodge Charger offers enough room in the vehicle for the officer, necessary equipment and a prisoner. Extra space makes entering and exiting the front seats of the car very easy, particularly when doing so quickly as officers often do. A unique feature of the car is the rain brake support. This feature helps to keep the brake rotors drier in wet weather, helping ensure that brakes perform at peak level of efficiency and effectiveness. Patrol officers are especially pleased with the Charger and see it as a fitting replacement for the much loved Crown Victoria, a not so simple feat.

From a design perspective, our new vehicles came refreshed. We scrapped the striping in favor of a more traditional black and white appearance. The Town of Norwood Seal was re-colorized and the word POLICE had been written beneath it. With the delivery of the Dodge Chargers, we have now added the Norwood lettering back above POLICE as our loyal followers had requested. We hope you like it.