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On Wednesday, September 14, the Norwood Police Department became accredited. The award culminated a two-year effort led by Sergeant Christopher Padden and overseen by Deputy Chief Peter Kelly where the Department completely rewrote and fully implemented over 80 sets of policies and procedures. During the process, the Department participated in two mock assessments and two full assessments, and became certified last year, mid-way through the project.

The award followed a unanimous vote by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission at their meeting at the Connors Center in Dover. In achieving full accreditation, the Department met or exceeded over 300 standards set by the Commission. A plaque attesting to the Department's accomplishment now hangs at Police Headquarters.

Chief Brooks commented that throughout the certification and accreditation process, he and Deputy Chief Kelly have been impressed with Sgt. Padden's strong organization and management skills. They both congratulated him on his achievement.

Approximately 50 municipal police departments in Massachusetts are accredited.

NORWOOD P.D. BLUE Available now! has made past episodes of Norwood P.D. Blue available for viewing on their website. The monthly public access show features a look at the day to day operation of the department and includes a Q&A with Chief Brooks.   Episodes can be found here.


     The mission of the Norwood Police Department is to provide the highest level of public safety and service to Norwood's residents, visitors, and the community in general.

         We are committed to providing effective, competent, and considerate public safety services that will enhance the quality of life within our community and ensure that all are treated with the utmost dignity.